Two George Washington Bridge security guards photographed sleeping on the job have been fired, according to an AP report.
A bicycle tour operator who commutes daily over the bridge from New Jersey to New York took photos of the two guards on different occasions, the report said.
Given the George Washington Bridge's iconic status and huge traffic volume, officials have long cited it as a potential terrorist target, the report noted.
The sleeping guards were employees of FJC Security, a security contractor used by the Port Authority, which operates the George Washington Bridge and all other bridges leading into Manhattan. In a statement, the Port Authority said, "The Port Authority takes the safety of its passengers and facilities very seriously and has spent more than $4 billion on security since 9/11. The Port Authority welcomes the public's vigilance on matters of safety and security and we encourage our customers to contact us if they encounter anything out of the ordinary," the agency said, adding that "The two guards have been fired by the security contractor, FJC Security."