The Meadowhall Shopping Center in Sheffield, U.K., has recently installed an IP video system, which has given the IT department more of a handle on security events in real-time.


With so many threats and events inflicted on mall-goers, top security is sure to be a necessity. One of the largest shopping centers in the U.K., Meadowhall Shopping Center, has decided to use IP video technology to replace its obsolete DVR based analog recording system. Located in Sheffield,

Meadowhall has hundreds of retail stores that require high-quality surveillance to ensure safety and security in- and outside of the mall.

Meadowhall’s IT department requested a scalable, modular and flexible solution to replace proprietary “black box” DVR technology that was difficult and costly to upgrade. The flexibility of the IP video technology allows hybrid analog-digital systems to be easily navigated. Tamper-proof high-quality video clips can be easily exported for the police for evidential purposes should the need arise.

Mark Higgins of Meadowhall commented, “Meadowhall was one of the first shopping malls to install site wide data network infrastructure to utilize building control systems. We are now pleased to use it for delivering high quality security video without the need for an additional communication network. Our IT department has more control and knowledge than ever before for the delivery and support of security video across the site, and this has utilized our in-house skills further, providing increased service for the center.”

Many retailers are accessing in-store footage to help analyze merchandising, in-store promotions and trends. This can be achieved locally and nationally, with central marketing teams accessing live and recorded video from any store at any location across their corporate networks.