Is cloud computing coming to security for video security, e-mail security and even physical security information management?

Cloud computing is Web-based development and use of computer technology. The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet -- how it is depicted in computer network diagrams -- and is an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals. IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service,” allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet without knowledge of, expertise with or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. It incorporates software as a service (SaaS), Web 2.0 and other recent, well-known technology trends. The cloud is floating into physical and logical security. Firms such as Intransa and Pivot3 have pioneered security video clouds and clusters. Google has e-mail security and storage services in the cloud. John Latonna, manager of network security at Brunswick, the recreational service and product provider, uses Google’s e-mail security service in the cloud. “We wanted better security and did not want to incur any more overhead. It reduces that aspect of our budget. There are basic content filters while it mitigates external threats.”