Video cameras under vehicles can make a difference when it comes to high security access, parking lot and garage security.
From Comm Port Technologies

The Delaware Capitol Police use intelligent video analytics to more efficiently identify security threats such a vehicle entering a parking area.

There is no other place that draws security concerns than parking lots and garages. Open to the public, these facilities face a myriad of access management challenges.

Solutions range from barriers and card access control to security video, emergency telephones and guardhouses.

The Delaware Capitol Police use intelligent video analytics, for example, to more efficiently identify security threats, such as a person entering a restricted area or an unauthorized vehicle entering a parking area.


Active Alert serves as a key component of the department’s overall security system, administered by Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management system, which was also included in the recent installation. Capitol police officers are using the technology as the overarching platform that controls the entire system and provides real-time monitoring.

The Delaware Capitol Police services approximately 100 state buildings throughout Delaware, including the governor’s mansion and residence. The department monitors numerous video surveillance systems deployed throughout the state, both from a centrally-located command center or remotely from local offices.

“One person watching numerous cameras can often accomplish a lot more than several officers patrolling the area, and technology like what we have can help officers prioritize their responses,” said Capt. David Hunt of Delaware Capitol Police. “it allows our officers to work smarter. It provides another set of eyes around the perimeter of the buildings and in critical areas that require constant surveillance.”
Installed by Dover-based integrator Advantech, the technology enhances the effectiveness of department officers by surveying areas that cannot be physically monitored at all times and automatically alerting operators when it detects suspicious behaviors. Officers can then appropriately respond to incidents.


Other technology looks under vehicles coming into lots, garages and facilities.

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (or UVSS) are used by numerous facilities including technology specified by Kevin Syler at the Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee.

From Comm Port Technologies, the video camera gear that looks under vehicles is easy to install with a one person crew for permanent install. It’s rated for 48 ton weight capacity as well as scratch resistance and waterproof. It handles a variety of weather conditions, designed to melt off snow and drain out water and sand accumulation. A real-time system, feeds that go through the monitoring system can also be put on an IP back bone if required.

Modular buildings also play a significant security role in parking lots and garages.

For example, Par-Kut International made a booth for the Briggs Parking Structure. This booth was custom designed to resemble and complement the architectural features of the parking structure. These features can be seen in the unique roof that conceals the AC unit, complex overhang with trim, window heights, cashier windows in the doors, right on down to the raised side wall panels and base trim all of which were fabricated in the plant. The interior of the booth is designed to meet the attendants’ specific needs and contains a painted steel counter with drawer, roof air conditioner, surface mounted heater, lighting, electrical duplex, data/communication port preps and a factory installed UL certified electrical system meeting all N.E.C. codes.


Emergency telephones also play a key security role in parking lots and garages. But there has been a recent twist with the addition of mass notification needs.

For example, Talk-A-Phone’s Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System is a family of mass notification devices that can be integrated into a comprehensive emergency communication system for a multitude of locations. WEBS units can be situated in a variety of mounts and locations, bringing security coverage to neglected corners of a facility. Tone or voice messages can be delivered to specific units, regions, or to all units at once allowing for flexible emergency response. Analog and Native IP versions are available. WEBS models can also be made wireless extending security’s footprint even further.

For Larry Montgomery at the University of Alabama, B.I.G. Enterprises just provided five custom parking lot security booths that are mounted on elevated platforms.

According to B.I.G., there are levels of booths for garage and parking lot use. But in the past ten years, booths have changed from your typical “box” to a design that will complement the architecture of the surrounding complex that it protects, and\or provides access control. Additionally, booths now are made to be more comfortable for the guards, as many facilities require 24/7 surveillance, so the walls, roof and floor are insulated, the glazing is insulated and the HVAC system is designed to keep the inside comfortable, based on the climate where it is installed.