Compiled by Erin J. Fellores, Managing Editor


The Seif Palace is a focal point of and it is seen as an integral part of ’s history and progress. It is the official palace of the State of Kuwait, with the reigning monarch’s headquarters, the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister and government offices. But during the Golf War, the old Palace was severely damaged, which included the security system.

The old building was built in 1896 and extended during the years and it is an exquisite example of Islamic architecture, with original Islamic mosaic tile works. A total of 52 security cameras assure 360° coverage of the sensitive outdoor areas, which include a dock for yachts, a landing field for helicopters and a lake.

Systems integrator Comtec Systems had to consider the environmental conditions of the Palace: strong dusty, sand-filled wind and high temperatures of over
122° F. For the , the Ulisse camera units carry a built-in wiper and a washer pump to ensure the perfect vision, even on windy days.

Operators can control all units remotely in the control room, where about 300 cameras are managed. Security is now maintained, and the Palace is under complete surveillance.