Have you heard about Steve Hunt’s SecurityDreamer events in Chicago, Silicon Valley or Vegas recently? In Vegas we filled a room at the David Burke Restaurant in the Venetian for a dynamic discussion on the future of video surveillance. The next events are in DC and Atlanta.

In DC we’re doing PSIM. In other words, we’re not just going to talk about it, but actually launch the PSIM market. It’s time to really define what Physical Security Information Management means and establish it as a legitimate market segment. Up to this point, PSIM has been a nice idea and a marketing expression. Because of this buzz, revenue around PSIM has grown dramatically.

Are you curious about ways to improve security event management and incident response in the most efficient and effective ways? Would you like to establish best practices for computers, software and networking? For investing opportunities, for deploying PSIM solutions, for partnering with the right people, you’ll want to be in the room. This event is for investors, integrators, resellers, end-users and manufacturers - - anyone interested in making money and solving problems with PSIM. Grab hold of this opportunity and act on what everyone’s been talking about.

If you’d like to know more about our DC area event late this spring, contact Rachel.Cusick@HuntBI.com, 847.733.0200.