Powered by enterprise security management, five authors joined forces for a milestone book, Physical and Logical Security Convergence.

Security Magazine and Today’s Systems Integrator author Dan Dunkel is a co-author of Physical and Logical Security Convergence, a publication from Syngress Press.

The book has garnered significant comment. Here are some comments about the book.

Security in the post 9/11 world is about much more than just guns, guards and gates. The authors make a tremendous contribution to today’s security debate by offering thoughtful and sensible recommendations that will help any reader understand the challenges of the networked world we now live in.– Roger Cresser, NBC News terrorism analyst.

Written for both practitioners and managers, the authors provide the necessary background information as well as copious technical detail, and they round it out with a view of the converged security future. Numerous real-world examples and case studies are interwoven throughout the text, providing ample evidence that convergence is happening, but it is also hard to do well. Take advantage of the years in the government and commercial arenas that the authors have, their knowledge of current and emerging technologies, and their insight on other’s successes and failures.– Dr. Jim Jones, CISSP, senior scientist, SAIC.

In my opinion the authors do an exceptional job explaining the need for more comprehensive approaches to achieving operational risk management within business and governmental organizations. The authors clearly demonstrate why convergence of physical and logical security is a natural evolution with significant advantages to all participants.- Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute.

It’s downloadable atsolutions.syngress.com.