“Video management is at the core and solutions are the outcome,” said Dr. Alan E. Calegari, president and CEO of Dedicated Micros USA.

Security Magazine talked with Dr. Alan E. Calegari, president and CEO of Dedicated Micros USA, recently, reflecting the company’s 25th anniversary. Dedicated Micros (DM) is an international firm in the field of specialist security video control equipment, boasting the design and manufacturing of robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware designed to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance. Dedicated Micros has been named the top digital video recorder manufacturer in the world by IMS Research.

Security:What’s at the heart of your company’s original success?

Calegari:Dedicated Micros’ original success is rooted in the invention of the world’s first video multiplexer, a monitoring product which records continuous images from a number of cameras onto a single video cassette tape - the basis for today’s sophisticated CCTV security surveillance equipment. I believe we are the only (security) company that R&Ds, engineers and manufactures video systems.

Dedicated Micros’ technology allows users to utilize existing NetVu Connected digital video recorders (DVR) to broadcast messages in the event of an emergency to provide real-time communications.

Security:What is at the heart of today’s business?

Calegari:Today’s core competency is video management. Recording is a function. But capturing video, analyzing and assessing threats and needs based on applications are today’s elements. Capturing video is entry level. But if that all there is, you may not find out until the next day or week what happened or who was identified.

Video management is more than rewind and view what happened. It really means providing value through solutions.

Security:What are the tech keys?

Calegari:There numerous keys. Overall, the ability to record high intensity of video quality and playback is critical. This includes the consumption of bandwidth, the compression of JPEG to MPEG. For example with NetVn, in all given circumstances, the emphasis is on interoperability, integration and communications. The bottom line: Camera to DVR to viewing system. But now we reverse the philosophy to openness. Our units are really appliances in a network environment.

Digital video recorders are part of a total package that allows security to expand its mission.

Security:What are today’s dangers?

Calegari:Our industry has grown very fast, too fast for some to differentiate between products and solutions. Some compare spec sheets – the biggest memory is appealing, low price is appealing.

But market requirements are determined by functions and criticality. It is most important to provide what enterprises need to solve their problems, to provide their solution. Security video management must be part of the business environment to enable security directors to better manage their business every day.

Security:Overall, how is Dedicated Micros responding?

Calegari:The most critical way is our strategic move from a product focus ultimately to reach solutions once a customer defines his or her requirements. Unfiltered video is ineffective. What volume do you need? Then there is pioneering in analytics as well as how security video can work in fire and smoke detection. There are applications for license plate recognition and objects left alerting.

The keys: common platforms, common brains, totally interoperability, with no weak links.

We also see growth of DVRs and cameras in mobile applications – trains and buses and now in buildings as well as part of mass notification systems.