Video security functionality for a specialized explosives detection system recently tested successfully in the Baltimore MTA subway. The Early Warning Explosives Detection System (EWEDS), a system integrated with Cubic Corporation’s advanced automatic public transit fare collection system. The integrated system was designed to detect explosives residue on passengers while purchasing tickets, prior to passing through fare gates.

When a passenger tests positive for explosives, access to fare gates is denied, and security and law enforcement are alerted. A close-up digital image of that person managed and distributed by the BroadWare media platform is transmitted to one or more video displays that alert security personnel. The alert includes the precise location of the gate that the person is attempting to enter. A digital image is stored and distributed only when a passenger tests positive for explosives residue, to protect the privacy of others.

The explosives analysis is completed in seconds and adds no additional time to the ticket transaction. EWEDS incorporates GE Security’s ITMS trace technology and BroadWare’s digital video platform.

In addition to Cubic Corporation and GE Security, the testing at Baltimore MTA also included the participation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology unit, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT).