A busy Brazilian mass transit system has transitioned to IP video.

The IP video surveillance solution for the Sao Paulo mass transit system features a range of GVI Samsung Electronics IP networked products including Samsung IP high-resolution day/night color video surveillance cameras and Samsung IP pan tilt zoom high-resolution day/night dome cameras. The project installation is expected to be completed this quarter. As Sao Paulo’s mass transit system rapidly grows to meet the needs of its expanding population, the ease of deployment and rapid scalability of the GVI Samsung IP video solution made it the ideal choice for a system with an ongoing need to continually upgrade and expand its video security infrastructure.

According to the tech firm, transportation customers will specify nothing but an IP video solution. Almost all airports, seaports and other transportation hubs install IP video surveillance systems. They need to stop incidents as soon as they are detected.

With IP digital video solutions, they can better validate whom and what they are seeing with an increased clarity of image. They can prevent incidents before they happen and, with enhanced recording tools, easily identify perpetrators afterwards.

In the large areas that transportation surveillance applications cover, there is always the possibility that either a camera or the network itself can go down. Therefore, it is highly suggested that the camera used be vandal-proof and weatherproof plus provide on-board storage. Preferred is flashcard storage of up to 12 gigabytes, approximately two days of gathered video.

Better yet is the ability for the camera to be able to store these 12 Gb in standard analog, JPEG and MPEG-4. Most users want to deploy both of the latter two. JPEG assures high-quality video while MPEG-4 provides more efficient streaming. With a dual-streaming IP camera system, the application gets the best of both worlds.

High-resolution monitors are vital. High-resolution cameras that ultimately feed their images to a lower resolution monitor will provide the user with lower resolution images. Many integrators overlook this aspect of the system and customers are initially very disappointed in the quality of the image. The monitor needs to be high resolution as well.

Samsung GVI also has a field technical support team so that these professionals in transportation surveillance systems can help with everything from product/system operational guidance, specification clarification, pre- and post-sales support, troubleshooting, integration assistance, on-site training, firmware updates and system design to service/repair/replacement coordination.