Security Magazine publisher Mark McCourt was a keynote speaker at the ASG Security Summit.

This past October, ASG, the premier integrator of state-of-the-art security solutions, welcomed more than 250 security industry professionals from around the country to Seattle’s Qwest Field for the sixth annual ASG Security Summit & Expo. The summit, which focused on “The New Language of Security: The Expression of Value in a Bottom-Line World”, provided industry experts and technology vendors a unique opportunity to learn about the latest enterprise security strategies, technologies and trends.

“Once again, the summit was extremely successful bringing together experts and security executives from across the region to focus on the value of security across the enterprise,” said Phil Aronson, chief executive officer of ASG. “This year’s event focused on creating a language around value that could be shared by the CEO and the security executive. Bridging the two worlds allows executives and boards to commit resources to enterprise security because they understand the value towards their mission and strategic business plan.”

The summit featured several keynote speakers from leading industry organizations, including Microsoft, IKON Communications, Tatum Partner and Security Magazine, as well as a panel moderated by Bill Zalud, editor-in-chief of Security Magazine.