DragonWave Inc., a global supplier of next-generation wireless networks, announced that Computer Data Networks has deployed DragonWave’s AirPair fixed wireless solution in the Emirate of Dubai. DragonWave’s technology provides wireless backhaul links for delivering Internet Protocol (IP) Video services such as closed circuit television (CCTV) between Dubai’s state-of-the-art Police Command and Control Center.

Computer Data Networks of Kuwait, the region’s leading provider of local and wide area networks and security integration services, was commissioned by Siemens FSS, the prime contractor, to install a reliable wireless network to carry IP traffic for video surveillance systems. DragonWave’s AirPair solution is an essential element of the Dubai wireless network project.

“Dubai visitors and residents expect a level of public safety that can only be assured by the most sophisticated and reliable of IT infrastructures,” said Dejan Nikolin, marketing manager of Computer Data Networks. “DragonWave’s wireless backhaul links, providing throughput of up to 400 Megabits-per-second, perform flawlessly in the heat and humidity of this region, ensuring a world-class police force and surveillance system in Dubai.”

The project presented numerous challenges that DragonWave was able to overcome. The network needed to cover over 800 square kilometers spanning the entire Emirate of Dubai. The network needed to accommodate multiple frequencies, redundant backbone links and advanced monitoring and management. Dubai has an extremely hot climate, with high levels of humidity and corrosive sea air. Video IP transmission requires very low latency, guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and high reliability.