Greg Feldman

Security Magazine recently interviewed Greg Feldman, the new Director of Campus Safety and Security at Johnson & Wales University’s Florida Campus. Feldman joins the University from the South Miami Police Department, where he spent 25 years in a variety of roles, most recently serving as Assistant Chief of Police. He is familiar with working on a college campus, serving for two years as a public safety officer at Northwestern University.

Feldman has expectations that he would like to bring to the University. Feldman tells Security Magazine, “First and foremost, I would like to bring the department to a new level. The university has done an outstanding job, and I hope to raise the bar further on their level of service to the University.”

Feldman would like to get a tight handle on a few of the University’s challenges. “The University is not a closed campus, and it has dedicated streets, which are streets that are open to the public. Because of this, the number one obstacle the University faces is a lot of exterior traffic. The second biggest concern that, in my opinion, every university faces is parking. Because we are an alcohol-free, drug-free campus, we do not face that as an issue. But, the University has a well-entrenched procedure for code of conduct breeching, and most all of the students are serious about being students, so we have very few problems with the students as a whole.”

Feldman is beginning to change the face of his security force. Feldman says, “I have told my force that they are no longer to consider themselves as security guards, but as security officers, because I feel that their position calls for them to patrol the University’s grounds. They are the first line of defense for the University’s population, and the liaison between the population and the police. Slowly we will raise the level of awareness of University security with the importance of a well-trained, well-respected security force.”

The University has recently added a new system to help Feldman offer the best possible service. Feldman tells Security, “We have just installed a new ARM system. It is a system that makes dispatch and statistical analyses. It is somewhat of a database to accurately report and track security trends. One can never have too much technology.I like to get my hands on as many new gadgets as possible.”

In his new position, Feldman will oversee contract security officers, develop and administer crime prevention programs, investigate and monitor campus and community crimes and communicate safety and security concerns, policies and goals to the University community. In addition, he will oversee lost and found, parking and transportation for the 2,500 students and 250 employees. Feldman says, “I feel there is always room for improvement. I am happy to see that other arenas that had not been previously addressed are now being covered. Security must be a true and strong line of defense. The University has embraced me and is incredibly professional in everything they do.”