A field training supervisor with Universal Protection Service, Santa Ana, Calif., foiled the attempted theft of copper wiring from an abandoned building in Fremont, which is owned by the South Bay Development Company. The officer, Ed Llamas, was conducting a routine patrol stop and spotted suspicious activity on the roof.

Llamas immediately contacted the Fremont Police Department, and officers were able to apprehend two suspects who were in possession of burglary tools, stolen property and methamphetamines.

“The theft of copper wiring has been a long-time problem for us, but this is the first time any of the thieves have been caught,” said David Andris, president of South Bay Development.

Because of the magnitude of these thefts, the Silicon Valley chapter of the Building Owners and Manager’s Association (BOMA), in conjunction with Universal and local law enforcement, has formed a security committee to help deter and track down thieves. The company was instrumental in setting up this coalition.