AD Aerospace, Manchester, England, has been selected by Boeing to provide a video viewing system in the main deck cargo compartment of the forthcoming 747-400 LCF (large cargo freighter). This will enable the crew to view the main deck cargo compartment from the flight deck.

The system will consists of a series of environmentally-protected cameras and a series of LED illuminators, strategically positioned within the main deck cargo area, linked via a camera interface unit to the electronic flight bag (EFB) used by the flight deck crew. Each pilot will be able to individually select a group of cameras on their EFB display and view the image from a selected camera.

“We at AD Aerospace are proud to have been selected by Boeing for such a prestigious project that involves two of the most exciting developments in modern aviation with the B747-400 LCF and its precious cargo the B787 Dreamliner,” said Mike Horne, AD Aerospace managing director. “Video capability enables the flight crew of a cargo aircraft to view the cargo area without leaving their seats, especially important when as in this case the cargo compartment is un-pressurized and not accessible during flight.”

Boeing’s 747-400 LCF will be used to transport the major sections of the B787 passenger airliner for final assembly in Seattle. The B747-400 LCF is itself a major feat of engineering, with a cargo compartment that is three times larger by volume than that of standard 747-400s. The video system will enable this entire area to be viewed during flight.