Identix BioTouch, a completely self-contained mobile fingerprint verification system that fits into a laptop's PCMCIA slot, brings the convenience and security of biometrics to an increasingly mobile workforce. BioTouch secures a portable PC and its contents by controlling access using Identix' BioLogon Security software to restrict access to enterprise and internet applications. A BioTouch user simply presses a button on the side of the computer (just like a modem port) and out slides the fingerprint reader. The user touches a finger to the small optical sensor and the finger is matched. Only pre-registered fingerprints are permitted access to a BioTouch equipped device and its contents. No external cables are required. The technology has numerous uses including access by mobile professionals into computer networks and wide-area-networks. Such computer access is among the "hottest" biometric applications.

Keywords: [End User, Identification, Computer Security]