Michael Scheuer. Photo by Sam Dorrance/Malaga Productions

Wackenhut Senior Management

On July 25, The Wackenhut Corp., Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., announced some of the most sweeping realignments in the history of corporation. Chief among these, Marc Shapiro has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships and will continue to report to Gary A. Sanders, Chairman and CEO. The senior management changes were intended to further focus Wackenhut’s operations and support structure and allow the corporation to continue performing in a positive customer and employee oriented fashion. Contact Shapiro, SVP-Global Partnerships, at (800) 922-6488.

CEO at Activcard

In Security’s July 2005 issue, Steven Humphreys was identified as the CEO of Activcard Corp. Ben C. Barnes, not Humphreys, now holds the Chief Executive Officer position with that company.