Jeron’s Spectrum 460 Digital Duplex Intercom System can be an integral part of your overall multi-site communications and security system needs. Spectrum is easy to expand and maintain and its flexibility provides multi-building facilities multiple choices with powerful solutions. Spectrum’s RS-232 interface allows for seamless integration into virtually any system, which meets the needs of the many facilities that require the use of control systems within their security applications. Spectrum Central Exchange(s) can be grouped in one location or distributed in a campus array using two copper wire pairs or fiber optic cable for the use of thousands of stations across a wide geographic area. The unique digital architecture allows 100 percent conversation paths (links) for up to 9,072 stations with a range of 1.2 miles (2 km), which is ideal for multiple building campuses within universities or large corporations. Spectrum also features off-site programming via modem.