Jeron introduces its Spectrum Series Security Intercom, which offers multiple choices and powerful solutions for facilities of all types and sizes. The Spectrum Digital Duplex intercom system has the flexibility for efficient and effective hands-free or private two-way voice communication throughout an entire facility. Ideal for a wide variety of security applications including secured entryways, parking structures, elevators, stairwells, dock areas, storage rooms, etc. Spectrum is the smart and economical choice for small and large facilities requiring anywhere from 2 to 9,072 stations internally or across wide geographical areas. The digital signal processor instantly adjusts loud speaking volume levels to compensate for acoustically difficult locations. This master-to-master intercom is fully digital, providing immunity from interference and assuring natural, clear voice communications from anywhere in the room. The system is non-blocking, so all stations can be in use at the same time. Jeron Electronic Systems