Senstar-Stellar Corporation (SSC) supplies Perimitrax, an outdoor buried cable intrusion detection sensor. The Perimitrax system uses ported (“leaky”) coaxial sensor cables to create an invisible electromagnetic detection field that detects moving targets based on their electrical conductivity, size and movement. Unless a target possesses the minimum alarm characteristics, it will not be detected. Thus, a person or vehicle crossing through the field is detected while small animals and birds are ignored. Adaptive algorithms filter out common environmental false alarm sources such as foliage, rain, snow or blowing sand and dust. A gap in the transmit cable outer conductor allows electromagnetic energy to escape and be detected by a corresponding parallel receive cable. The resulting detection field is typically 1 meter high and up to 3 meters wide. When an intruder disturbs the field, an alarm is declared. If networked, the alarm is instantly communicated over the sensor cables to a PC-based central control system.