Philips releases new versions of the popular AutoDome camera. The newest members of the family feature extended digital zoom to 25X, digital image stabilization, sector blanking and privacy masking. The optical zoom of the AutoDome camera now extends to 25X on the day/night series for indoor and outdoor applications. This feature allows video with greater detail from longer distances. Philips has also added digital image stabilization that compensates for slight camera movements, ensuring a steady picture in adverse conditions. This new feature is controlled at the keyboard by an on/off option. The sector blanking feature prohibits an operator from viewing video from any of the 16 sectors within total field-of-view. Privacy masking expands on this capability, allowing you to create six independent rectangular masks that prohibit viewing of the selected area. These can be placed anywhere in the field of view, and move as the camera pans, tilts and zooms, ensuring consistent coverage.