Philips sets a new standard with the Hi-Q MPEG2 four-channel digital video recorder. The Hi-Q records up to 60 images per second (ips) on each channel for a total of 240 ips. Philips now offers true DVD quality video recording using MPEG2 compression to capture all the details needed to create the highest quality chain of evidence available today. The Hi-Q uses a real time embedded operating system, requiring no PC for operation. It fits into any conventional CCTV system using analog monitors to display live or recorded video. All Hi-Q functions are easily controlled from the front panel; no additional software or keyboard needed. The Hi-Q excels with a fast and simple to use search engine. Specify the camera and time frame of the video you want to see and the Hi-Q instantly finds and displays the recorded video. Philips Hi-Q is an ideal event recorder with advanced motion detection and one-touch alarm button that activates recording. With a convenient jog shuttle control, the operator can scan the recording forward or backward to find the required incident. You can do all of this while the Hi-Q continuously records uninterrupted. The Philips Hi-Q also can be easily customized to record based upon your unique requirements.