The RMSC-11from Inforgraphic Systems is a compact smart card reader that provides unobtrusive, hands-free door access control. The radio frequency (RF) reader has a 12-button keypad providing an important second layer of security. The RMSC-11 keypad reader constantly transmits a fixed RF signal, recognizable by a microchip in the smart card. When the card is held 1.5-2 inches from the reader, the RF signal powers the chip on the smart card and data is transferred back and forth between card and reader. The smart card used with this reader includes the following features: eight or 64K bits available, multi-application memory, short transaction time, simple system integration, individual key sets for maximum 16 applications, and anti-collision. Smart cards are gaining use and popularity with security and facility managers. With the drop in cost of smart cards, readers are the next purchase step.

Keywords: [End User, Access Control]