As more schools add security video, the need for rack enclosures and a workable console becomes an essential design element. Ben Davis High School in Wayne Township, Ind., works at a security mission aimed at ensuring that all students acquire and apply knowledge, skills, processes and values to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a diverse society through an innovative educational program of outstanding quality. There are 2,464 students and a teaching staff of 178 teachers at the high school. Ben Davis received national recognition including the National Award for Excellence in Education from the U.S. Department of Education.

So how did the high school meld security and education? Serving as the foundation for a $1.5 million electronics upgrade project, enclosure systems and consoles from Middle Atlantic Products, Riverdale, N.J., form the centerpiece of the facility’s security control room.

Two VRK-44-31H video rack enclosures and a four-bay Quiet-Cool Series surveillance and monitoring console comprise the nerve center of the control room. Staff in the control room monitor more than 200 cameras covering an estimated one million square feet – all under one roof.

Serving as the foundation for the electroncs upgrade project, eclosure systems and consoles form the centerpiece of the facility's security control room.

Economic and Ergonomic Sense

With such a huge and diverse monitoring and recording job, the sensitive monitors and digital recorders have to be operational at all times. According to Chuck Hibbert, the director of safety and transportation for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, the ability of the consoles to remove hot air and increase the flow of cooler air was a key factor in the selection process. “We’ve never had a system failure due to heat because those cooling systems are so good,” Hibbert says. “And they also make for a great, clean environment in terms of how everything is housed. It’s very impressive because the room is quiet and user friendly.”

At the core of the Ben Davis installation is the SC1427-1217-BK four-bay security console, which houses computer monitors that help an operator run the entire system. The video displays from the cameras and digital video recorders are viewed on a large projector screen. The console is designed ergonomically to allow a single operator access to all control parameters. This was in keeping with Hibbert’s mandate to deliver a state-of-the-art facility operated cost effectively.

“We needed a console that would accommodate the computer/Internet-based system,” Hibbert continues. “Middle Atlantic filled that need. With their designs, we have the flexibility to grow and to adjust to changing technology. What we like most, though, is that the Middle Atlantic product and people were flexible enough and interested enough to meet our needs. They said here’s our product, but how can we go beyond that to meet your needs? That was very important to us.”

The vendor’s VRK series enclosures have fully welded construction with 2,500 pound weight capacity. They are seismic rated to satisfy the Uniform Building Code seismic zone 4 and International Building Code seismic use group III upper floor requirements. A grounding/bonding stud in the base of the rack facilitates proper grounding and bonding of electronic equipment. Horizontal lacing bars made from tubing on seven-inch centers facilitate quick tie-and-slide cable lacing.