International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS), introduces its VT1500WDM Pelco miniature video transmitter and data receiver. The VT1500WDM Pelco miniature video transmitter and data receiver is designed for use in the Pelco Spectra II or III series dome system providing a fully integrated solution. This unit plugs directly into the dome's data converter connector within the enclosure and changes it from a standard coaxial connection dome to a fiber optic compatible dome. The optical output of the dome is then becomes compatible with a standard IFS VR1500WDM receiver. The IFS VT1500WDM Pelco allows for the simultaneous transmission of video and one-way control data over one optical fiber. The unit supports the RS-422 data protocol that Pelco utilizes for camera pan, tilt, zoom control. The VT1500WDM-Pelco is designed for quick and easy installation into the Spectra II or III dome and utilizes multimode optical fiber. In addition, the mini VT1500WDM-Pelco transceiver is designed to be an integral part of the Spectra III dome, there are no external electrical connections, the module requires no external power source or and no additional hardware at the camera site.