Honeywell Sets Power Products Division

Honeywell Fire Group of Northford, Conn., has formed a new division, Honeywell Power Products. Solutions are compact sized, provide multi-voltage output and feature integrated overload protection as well as 24-hour Web support, extensive product warranties and advanced technical support.

German Car Park Upgrades Security Video

Munich car park operator P+R Park & Ride GmbH is now cashing in on its new all-in-one car park management system with a fully integrated security video system from Geutebruck of Germany.

The new networked security video system was a timely replacement for eight separate VCR-based analog systems. Now with live video on tap, barrier faults at remote sites, which used to represent significant lost revenue to the car park, can be rectified promptly. Existing infrastructure, such as cameras, cabling and monitors were incorporated into the new system, and each of the company’s eight multi-story car parks was equipped with a MultiScope II plus digital recorder which can simultaneously record and transmit high resolution pictures through a TCP/IP network.

A software interface in the control center enables car park management system and the security video system to exchange data, so that the system automatically record video clips for each alarm event wherever and whatever the source – camera, ticket machine, pay station or barrier.