Digital risk was analyzed in a recent report by AuditBoard. The report found that 78 percent of organizations are tracking artificial intelligence (AI) as an emerging risk while simultaneously adopting the technology themselves. More than half of enterprises surveyed reported using AI to improve efficiency and enhance their digital risk posture. 

Two-thirds of organizations prioritize AI risk assessment using existing internal processes (65%) and/or guidance and best practices from professional organizations (63%). Another 55% say they use current and pending laws/regulations to prioritize risk.

Over half of organizations surveyed use AI to improve team productivity (57%) and enhance threat detection (56%). Nearly half say they use it in reporting (48%) and automating action and response plans (42%).

Nearly half of respondents describe their risk tolerance towards AI as very high (17%) or high (29%), while only 12 percent report a low (9%) or very low (3%) AI risk tolerance.

Eighty-seven percent of companies use reportable metrics to manage digital risk. Of this group, 97% consider their metrics to be effective, with 59% saying the metrics they use are very effective.

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