Cloud adoption and security were analyzed in a recent Veeam Software report. The report found that the top drivers for organizations to consider cloud-based backup are the desire to integrate cyber technologies with data protection and backup, and the improved/consistent protection of cloud-hosted workloads.

Organizations often begin by simply adding cloud storage to their existing on-premises data protection tools. Twenty-two percent are still using the same mode that they originally began using for their cloud-powered data protection, while 78% switched from one mode to the other. Fifty-one percent now use managed BaaS, while 49% rely on self-managed cloud storage. When making the switch, organizations prefer managed BaaS to fully benefit from expertise and operational support.

The report highlights that multiple roles are involved in data protection, such as IT operations, managed BaaS or DRaaS teams, backup teams, workload administrators, and trusted resellers/integrators. On average, organizations have 2.3 roles dedicated to ensuring backups and 1.8 roles responsible for restoration. This indicates the importance of having expertise and judgment in data recovery processes.

The report found that IT teams have varied expectations for MSP involvement in managing backup services. The majority prefer to handle daily operations themselves, with only a quarter expecting equal responsibility sharing. This indicates organizations' desire for choice in how they leverage MSP expertise and support while aligning to their unique operating processes.

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