A new report by GuidePoint Security has found a near 20% increase in victims of ransomware attacks since Q1 of 2023. This data comes from public resources and threat analysis. 

Although two prominent ransomware groups were disrupted (Lockbit and Alphv), the number of acting ransomware groups has risen by 55% year-over-year. The report studied the active ransomware groups, determining the top three most active: LockBit, Blackbasta and Play. The disruption of law enforcement in February 2024 did not prevent LockBit from attaining the prominent spot among other RaaS service operations. Although operations were hindered by law enforcement, LockBit claimed 219 victims. This includes an average of three victims per day prior to February 2024, then an average of two victims per day following law enforcement disruption. 

More than half of the total ransomware victims were in the United States, accounting for 537 victims. The most impacted industries were manufacturing, retail and healthcare.