A reward of up to $10 million dollars is being offered by the Department of State for information regarding the identities and locations of the key leaders of the ALPHV/Blackcat ransomware operations. An additional $5 million dollars is offered for information contributing to the apprehension or conviction of individuals conspiring or attempting to collaborate with ALPHV/Blackcat. 

In December of 2023, the Department of Justice and the FBI announced an international collaboration of law enforcement agencies from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia and Denmark to campaign against ALPHV/Blackcat. Members of ALPHV/Blackcat have targeted more than 1,000 entities internationally, including targets in the United States. These include entities such as defense contractors, essential infrastructure organizations and municipal governments. 

ALPHV/Blackcat often operate by encrypting a victim’s systems and demanding ransom in exchange for decryption. To date, it is estimated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) disruption of ALPHV/Blackcat’s operations has prevented $99 million in ransom payments.