Cybersecurity was analyzed in a recent report by DNSFilter. According to the report, detections of phishing attempts increased by 106% year-over-year, while malware detections were up 40%.

Blocks of very new malicious domains (those registered within the previous 24 hours) increased by 1250%. On average, users access ~5,000 queries per day; and one in 1,000 is likely to be malicious. That adds up to about 1,825 malicious queries per user per year. Additionally, one out of every 100 individual domains are found to be malicious in some way.

Chicago accounted for nearly 10% of all malicious observed queries in the past year, with Dallas not far behind at 9%. Phishing actors are already using this technology to improve their chances of success, and 2023 saw the introduction of new malicious AI tool sets like WormGPT, FraudGPT and DarkBERT.

Read the full report here.