Cybersecurity in the workplace was analyzed in a recent report by CybSafe. According to the report, 66% of respondents flagged completing daily tasks as more crucial than cybersecurity. Tasks being prioritized above cybersecurity training include monthly targets, manager-assigned tasks and emails.

The survey revealed a trend in employee engagement with cybersecurity training. Sixty-four percent of those surveyed advocated for allocated time within their work schedules to undertake cybersecurity training. Additionally, 43% expressed a desire for training to be more engaging and interactive. Employees showed a clear preference for how and when they receive cybersecurity training. Video content and interactive sessions topped the list.

The once-a-year training model, still commonplace in many organizations, was closely followed by the 29% who reported receiving training quarterly and the 13% who had training semi-quarterly, suggesting a need for more consistent engagement strategies. Eleven percent of respondents have training as frequently as monthly.

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