Work-life balance compromises continue to be a challenge as a new report shows  a majority of cybersecurity professionals check email, Slack and other forms of work communication even when on vacation.

The new report, conducted by Centripetal, surveyed more that 200 security professionals at the recent InfoSec World conference and cybersecurity events in the UK and Ireland.

Key report highlights

  • 90% of cyber professionals reported that they checked email, Slack and other forms of communication when they were on vacation
  • 32% have their lives interrupted by work every night
  • 70% are interrupted at least once a week
  • 18% of security professionals are working over a full day’s worth of unpaid overtime (8+ hours) a week

 Loyalty to the company is the reason why 46% of security professionals work these long hours while 23% said increased cyberthreats were the reason. Another 16% suggested inadequate staffing, with one in 10 claiming they were the only one who could do the job.