The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on email security was analyzed in a recent report by Abnormal Security. The report found that 98% of security leaders are concerned about the cybersecurity risks posed by ChatGPT, Google Bard, WormGPT and similar tools.

Four-fifths (80.3%) of respondents confirmed that their organizations have either already received AI-generated email attacks or strongly suspect that this is the case.

The majority of respondents are still relying on their cloud email providers or legacy tools for email security, with over half (53%) of respondents still using secure email gateways to protect their email environments. Nearly half of respondents (46%) lack confidence in traditional solutions to detect and block AI-generated attacks.

Ninety-two percent of survey participants see the value in using AI to defend against AI-generated email threats. Additionally, more than 94% of survey participants say that AI will have a major impact on their cybersecurity strategy over the next two years.

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