Generative artificial intelligence (AI) use within the workplace was analyzed in a recent report by Riskconnect. According to the report, 93% of companies recognize the risks associated with using generative AI inside the enterprise and 9% say they’re prepared to manage the threat. 

The report found that organizations’ top generative AI concerns include data privacy and cyber issues (65%), employees making decisions based on inaccurate information (60%), employee misuse and ethical risks (55%) and copyright and intellectual property risks (34%).

Sixty-three percent haven’t simulated their worst-case scenario and 5% feel prepared to assess, manage and recover from a future unknown and unpredictable risk event.

According to the report, 23% say they’re very confident in the accuracy, quality and actionability of their risk management data. Five percent are very confident in their ability to extract, aggregate and report on risk insights to fuel decisions.

Read the full report here.