Happy Friday, Security readers! This is your last Week in Review before Thanksgiving, so from all of us here at Security magazine, we wish you a safe and happy holiday!

If you’re traveling this week, let this be your momentary entertainment on the road – we’ve compiled the week’s most popular articles, with some handy introductions, so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself.

So without further ado, your Security Week in Review:

Some of this week’s most popular articles come from Tuesday’s Security eNewsletter:

Hire a Hacker: A 2013 Security Imperative

                Hackers aren’t all black hats – you can hire a certified ethical hacker to work for you, uncovering the weak links in your cyber security chain and helping create road blocks to prevent other hackers from causing an expensive and embarrassing data breach.

11 Smart Camera Concerns when Purchasing Surveillance

                Are you thinking about purchasing smart surveillance? Take the sales pitch with a grain of salt and ask some of these hard questions to make sure your system is right for you.

Others continue the trend of Security 500’s three-week-running popularity, as the Seventh Annual Security 500 Report remains the undisputed champion of Security’s Web traffic.

Other top articles include:

Tracking Your Company’s Employees in 2012: Global enterprises have sent employees around the globe. But with new uprisings, unrest and unusual weather, you have to work hard to keep tabs on all of your employee assets abroad.

New Violence in the Workplace Fact Sheet Emphasizes Prevention: Workplace homicides and other violent acts are the second leading cause of death for women at work. How can you mitigate these risks?

Duke Energy Copper Theft Ring Netted $500,000: A theft ring including former Duke Energy employees made nearly half a million dollars selling copper wiring stolen from the utility.

Mass. Schools Consider Training to Confront Active Shooters: In Canton, Mass., school officials are training teachers, staff and even students to fight back against attackers in the event of an emergency.

Terror Financing and Factors Facilitating Its Growth: How do terrorist cells get funding, and how are they continuing to exist?

So on that note, we bid you adieu for the holiday, and tune in for your next Week in Review blog on November 30.


Claire Meyer, Associate Editor