Police tell the Security magazine Blog that they suspect four or five people were involved in the theft of almost $2 million in electronics when a truck driver discovered his tractor trailer missing from a rest stop.

A Chesterfield, Indiana police officer said the cab of the missing truck was found within a half mile of where it was taken, but its trailer containing more than 5,000 Blackberry Playbook tablets is still missing. The officer said he thought the theft of the 2007 Volvo truck December 15 on its way to Waterloo, Canada, was very well planned. The cab of the truck had been parked amid a crowd of semis not far from the Pilot Travel Plaza where the driver stopped to eat and take a shower. Police said the thieves evidently had a truck of their own waiting to take away the trailer. The driver had picked up the playbooks from the Brightpoint company in Plainfield, Indiana. Police have surveillance video of two men watching the driver during the stop, the officer said. Further investigation led police to believe two or three other individuals were involved. The officer said police hope to make an arrest in the case because they retrieved fingerprints.