Universities continue to be targets for threats and violence. Charges could be filed later in May in connection with a bomb scare that brought a portion of The Ohio State campus in Columbus to a standstill in November. Law enforcement sources said the suspect is a 25-year-old former student. On November 16, several campus buildings were evacuated and shut down after a bomb threat was e-mailed to the FBI. The message claimed someone had planted explosive devices inside the buildings. No such devices were found. Investigators said the suspect may have made the threat to avoid taking an exam. The suspect spoke with a local TV news operation, saying other people were involved in making the threat. I was somewhat involved, he said. It also involved other people. It involved several events that were happening at Ohio State. Court documents showed the suspect was charged with burglary and theft about a month prior to the bomb threat. It was during that investigation that he told authorities about the bomb scare.