IT concerns were analyzed in a recent HPE Aruba Networking report, finding that 64% of IT leaders believe that cybersecurity concerns are negatively impacting their organization’s willingness to invest in innovative tech. Additionally, 91% either consider emerging tech a danger or admit to having already experienced a breach because of it.

Despite this push, 45% of IT leaders describe their organization as innovative and 44% describe it as secure. Sixty-six percent of IT leaders have concerns about their organization’s ability to keep up with the latest tech and digital demands, and 55% say their IT teams are already stretched to capacity.

Sixty-four percent of IT leaders believe the network can support cybersecurity effectiveness and 61% believe it can support greater innovation. Organizations are starting to press ahead with network-based security solutions including security service edge (SSE) or similar edge-to-cloud security (89%), policy-based network access control (88%) and secure access service edge (SASE) security (87%).

Forty-seven percent of IT leaders believe their current network can deliver or support flexible enterprise security and even less see its role in supporting emerging technologies (37%).

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