Cloud use and migration was analyzed in a recent report by Expel and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). In general, respondents reported that organizations have a positive attitude towards security and its role in innovation. These organizations prioritize security during product development and regard it as a competitive advantage, as well as critical for nurturing a culture of innovation. 

A majority of organizations surveyed (71%) are using a multi-cloud environment, mainly to leverage the strengths of different providers, improve performance and latency, enhance resilience and disaster recovery, and reduce vendor lock-in. But those perceived benefits come with challenges, as well. Respondents said their organizations have difficulty managing costs and resource allocation in multi-cloud environments, and struggle to integrate or orchestrate multiple cloud service providers (CSPs).

The research showed that more than half of organizations (59%) moved workloads back on-premises from the cloud, with most of these transitions taking place within the past 12 months.

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