Video surveillance plays a key role in securing physical spaces, monitoring areas alongside physical security personnel or filling personnel gaps.

This month, Security magazine highlights different video surveillance solutions, including artificial intelligence (AI) technology for enhanced video management.

Eagle Eye Networks

Combine cameras and video management systems
Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete solutionThe Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete solution connects cameras directly to the cloud for video management. Because cameras are connected to the cloud, the cameras can be added to existing video management accounts or new accounts. Camera Direct Complete includes AI-based smart video search, smart layouts and more. The cameras require less onsite equipment to set up, aiming to simplify installation for smaller locations with limited space. The system is designed for four or fewer cameras and can store video locally in the event of a connectivity loss. Image courtesy of Eagle Eye Networks



Storing video archives within the cloud
Arcules Camera to Cloud platform The Arcules Camera to Cloud platform connects cameras to a cloud video service. This approach results in less bandwidth, reduced hardware costs and a choice in how users choose to deploy their cloud capabilities. The offering eliminates the need for onsite hardware, which gives security and business leaders the power to use Camera to Cloud only or a combination of both the solution and gateways to meet their specific needs. This level of flexibility accommodates various budget and bandwidth requirements across distributed environments. The system can include on-camera storage and cloud-based archiving. Image courtesy of Arcules



Tracks who enters and exits buildings
BriefCam’s video analytics solutionBriefCam’s video analytics solution introduces a range of customizable attributes that users can search for while reviewing video feeds. The system can recognize different company uniforms, vehicles or other specific company needs. The attributes can be searchable or can send an alert if a camera picks up those attributes. Employers can easily see when employees are entering and exiting the buildings and if anyone tries to enter the building without proper credentials. Video can be analyzed in real time, allowing for faster threat detection and response. The solution is scalable and can be managed onsite. Image courtesy of BriefCam



Detects perimeter threats using AI
Betacom PSS is an AI-powered perimeter surveillance solutionBetacom PSS is an AI-powered perimeter surveillance solution. The solution comes as a partnership with Axis platforms and Evolon camera applications. The solution offers constant threat detection for airports, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The solution uses a combination of cameras and AI image detection. The platform utilizes a private wireless network that covers large areas. The wireless system means there’s less equipment involved with installation, and the solution can work even with complicated permitting limits. The solution is designed to prevent false alarms by recognizing objects near the perimeter to determine if they’re a threat. Image courtesy of Betacom



Identifies security threats in real time
Hailo-15 vision processorsHailo-15 vision processors integrate directly into cameras to recognize real-time emergencies, such as broken machinery, trespassers and lost/unaccompanied children. The solution has been used in city security, manufacturing, retail and transportation sectors. The added AI capacity can be utilized for video enhancement and better video quality in low-light environments, video stabilization and high dynamic range performance. Hailo-15 offloads cloud analytics to save video bandwidth and processing while improving overall privacy due to data anonymization at the edge. Hailo-15 vision processors are engineered to consume very little power, making them suitable for IP cameras and enabling the design of fanless edge devices. Image courtesy of Hailo


Milestone Systems

Monitors video feeds continuously
Milestone XProtectMilestone XProtect users can now access video data with greater ease and efficiency in the solution’s latest version. Operator collaboration tools have enhanced features such as bookmarks sharing, background picture-in-picture and native screenshots in the mobile clients. These tools improve operator efficiency and communication, enabling operators to easily share bookmarks and collaborate on video data analysis. XProtect includes more situational awareness capabilities with smart maps in the mobile clients. This feature provides operators with a map-based overview of cameras and devices. The background picture-in-picture display option allows operators to monitor specific cameras while completing other tasks. Image courtesy of Milestone Systems



Adds AI analytics to standard cameras
The DV-1304-A from IDISThe DV-1304-A from IDIS is an NDAA-compliant add-on box that provides AI video benefits without the need to upgrade existing security cameras. The AI box allows accurate and multiple analyses from just a single camera without need for calibration. The box can connect to existing network video recorders (NVRs). Users can deploy additional boxes to expand their systems. With this approach, small-to-medium businesses can maximize the value of their existing investments and take a proactive approach to enhance security and safety. Users can employ analytics that detect people and objects — including cars and bikes, line crossing, loitering detection and face detection. Image courtesy of IDIS