A recent report analyzed email security solutions' popularity and efficiency over the last four years. According to At-Bay research, the two email solutions that performed the best in their category were Mimecast and Google Workspace. 

The dataset used for the analysis includes details from the mid-to-small-size businesses that held an At-Bay policy from mid-2018 up until May 2022, and also experienced a security incident where the attack vector included a malicious email or network security attack against a local email server. 

Email Security Solutions 

Researchers found a gap of 53% between the best- and worst-performing email security solutions when analyzing incident-related claims that included email. 

The email security solution associated with the lowest number of security incidents involving email is Mimecast.

Other high-performing email security solutions, in order of effectiveness after Mimecast, were Sophos, Intermedia, Appriver and Proofpoint. 

Email Solutions

Organizations using cloud-based email products like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace experienced significantly fewer security incidents compared to those that operate an on-premises email infrastructure (e.g., Microsoft Exchange). 

On average, Google Workspace customers saw about 40% fewer security incidents compared to the email solutions category average. 

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