A total of 108.9 million accounts were breached in Q3 2022, with Russia ranking first and amounting to a fifth of all breaches July through September. France takes the second place, while Indonesia appears third place after a breach-plenty quarter, followed by the U.S. and Spain. A staggering 70% increase in breached users worldwide comes after a comparatively timid growth in the first half of the year. The trend is visible in the U.S. as well, witnessing an almost 3x increase in data breaches quarter-over-quarter.

Global data from Surfshark shows the scope and origin of users that have been breached since 2004 and records a growth of 44.52 million breached users over the last quarter. The latest statistics update for Q3 2022 ranked Russia 1st in the world by leaked accounts (22.3 million), followed by France (13.8 million), Indonesia (13.3 million), the U.S. (8.5 million), and Spain (3.9 million).

Europe was the most affected region by breaches in Q3, followed by Asia and North America. In Q3 2022, 26 out of every 1,000 American internet users were breached, growing 4 times in just three months. However, North America is no longer the most breached region in the world. The United States remained the single most breached country of this decade up until Ukraine’s invasion at the end of February. Russia has been topping the charts since then, and now has as much as 22.3 million affected users in Q3.

Europe also recorded 52 million individual breaches in Q3 alone — the highest of any other continent. However, 40% of them came from Russia, while 27% came from France. Ukraine experienced a 14% drop in breached users quarter-over-quarter, which took them to the 17th position globally.

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