Fulton County, Georgia's Emergency Communications Center (ECC) has collected 911 data from calls around the county. Fulton County ECC leadership aimed to analyze and develop actions based off of 911 trends in the county, improving safety practices in case of any gaps.

To accomplish these goals, the ECC will implement a 911 system search and data analytics platform from Mission Critical Partners (MCP) called DataScape, which will integrate data from multiple, disparate sources into a central data lake.

Fulton County will manage their historical computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system data in a central location, recuding the risk of data loss and protecting the integrity of the system’s responsiveness will be protected in the event of a system replacement, which is critical to meeting open-records requests, criminal attorneys’ discovery needs, and other research needs.

After implementing DataScape, MCP will provide ongoing support and maintenance and the option of implementing powerful visualization tools to demonstrate how the ECC is performing based on key 911 response metrics.