As unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) rise in commercial availability and national use, the United States federal government has released recommendations for counter-drone measures.

The Domestic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems National Action Plan defines what organizations can enact counter-drone security protocols and aims to establish federal oversight of the technology. The action plan highlights eight recommendations for future UAS regulation, including:

  1. Reauthorize and expand counter-UAS authorities: The Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense and State, as well as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and NASA have had authority to enact counter-drone strategies. The federal plan aims to reauthorize those organizations and expand drone detection authorities for state, local, territorial and Tribal law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure owners and operators. Included in this authorization initiative would be a federal pilot program for local, state, territorial and Tribal law enforcement participants to practice drone risk mitigation techniques and allow critical infrastructure organizations to acquire authorized counter-UAS security technology.
  2. Regulate and oversee drone detection technology: The federal government aims to create a list of authorized drone detection solutions. This list will assist authorized entities in avoiding the risk of airspace disruption while purchasing UAS detection tools. Additionally, the action plan will enable the oversight of drone detection procurement for critical infrastructure organizations and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Track drone incidents and provide training: The federal government plans to create a National Counter-UAS Training Center to facilitate interagency communication and security education, as well as forming a federal drone incident tracking database to measure drone risk in the United States. In addition to the training and tracking centers, the federal government aims to coordinate research efforts for drone detection technology.
  4. Establish clear standards for legal drone use: The action plan outlines intentions to create a criminal statute that states legal and illegal drone use standards and close loopholes in current federal law.