From perimeter security to internal monitoring, video surveillance systems can bolster security in educational settings.

A guide from IDIS explores the role of video security in reducing risks in the education sector and creating safer, more welcoming learning environments. Optimal Use of Video Systems for K-12 School Security is an eBook written to provide in-depth insights for school security leaders looking to examine issues of cost and building multi-layered protection from perimeters and sports grounds to classrooms.

The guide highlights key factors that will contribute to the successful deployment and use of surveillance solutions. Used well, video can act as a force-multiplier and increase operational efficiency by making other measures more effective. The eBook covers planning considerations and requirements for implementing school security surveillance solutions, including challenges in perspective; layered approaches to security; district-wide resilience; camera siting and uses, including parking lots, playgrounds and internal locations; compliance and federal funding; cybersecurity; and ensuring value for stakeholders.

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