The Bitwarden 2022 Password Decisions Survey, conducted by Propeller Insights, surveyed 400 U.S. IT decision makers on their workplace password practices and perceptions about password security and cybersecurity. 

When it comes to password managers, 85% of cybersecurity professionals report using the technology in their organizations. This reflects an 8% increase in the use of password managers over the past year.

However, some respondents continue to rely on less secure methods, such as computer documents (53%) and pen and paper (29%), to manage passwords. Ninety-two percent of respondents reuse passwords across multiple sites.

Over half (53%) of IT decision makers share company passwords with colleagues through email, a 14-point jump from last year. Almost half (41%) share passwords via chat, while 31% share passwords in conversation.

Fifty-four percent of IT decision makers admit their organization has experienced a cyberattack. While two-thirds of organizations have a ransomware mitigation strategy in place, 25% do not have one or are not sure.

Remote work has created security unease; almost two-thirds (61%) of respondents are “more concerned” about cybersecurity this year and attribute this to the fear that employees working remotely may be more lax about their overall security hygiene. The Great Resignation hasn’t spared the world of IT decision makers. Forty-eight percent are working more hours than last year, with 58% faulting turnover (29%) and difficulty hiring (29%) as the primary culprits.