Cyber threats to K-12 schools are on the rise: according to a report from EdTech Strategies and the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center, an average of 2 cyberattacks occurred per school day in 2020, with 408 reported breaches directly linked to instance of financial and identity fraud.

One metropolitan school district faced risk of cyber threats including data breaches, malware, phishing and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The large public school system maintained the security of over 4,000 network devices used by its 9,000 students. Network issues presented themselves throughout the system, with an insecure video surveillance program, an uncompliant spam filter and network connectivity issues.

In response to these concerns, the district's information technology (IT) team decided to trial the CloudCover CC/B1 cybersecurity platform, which helped identify and mitigate cyber threats to the school system. The school system's platform includes spam filtering and intrusion protection.

The cybersecurity platform stopped over 21,000 viruses and flagged more than 252,000 spam emails. It also blocked 384,169 cyberattacks.

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