Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is often the first opportunity you have to make a positive impression on a potential employer. Uniquely customizing your resume for each job you apply to should be one of the main components in your job search tool kit. However, there are new ways to enhance or present your qualifications that you may not have previously considered.

Video resumes have been around for some time. They have typically been most effective when applying for jobs in the creative industry. However, hiring companies and job seekers are more media-savvy than ever a year and a half into the pandemic. 

Many interviews are conducted virtually and career services such as LinkedIn have video clip capabilities for job seekers. This offers companies another way to get a sense of a potential candidate’s presence. Those looking for work can use video as an option to set themselves apart from others, though this can be an assist to your job search or a pitfall depending on how well you prepare.

A video profile is not a replacement for your traditional resume. It should be short and function as an enhancement that best presents you to potential employers. It is not a reading-aloud of your resume. Rather, have a script and practice until you come across as comfortable and confident talking about yourself. Note that some employers may not accept video resumes if they perceive it opens the door to potential discrimination.

Another option to present your qualifications that is rising in popularity is the visual resume. If a company asks you for your slide deck, they are looking for your PowerPoint presentation on the topic of you. Once again, this is not a replacement for your conventional resume or CV. It is a creative addition designed to complement it and present your experience and qualifications in a creative way.

There are many templates to choose from within PowerPoint itself if you are comfortable creating it on your own. There are also companies that specialize in producing slide decks for job seekers. Many online support sites talk about potential ways to structure your visual resume. The creation of a slide deck can give you another means to clarify how and why you are the best candidate for a specific job.

Finally, the globalization of jobs and rise of remote work means organizations have many more candidates to consider across a greater geographic range. A resume or CV that stands out in one culture may not in another. Awareness of what will help you create visibility in a multinational arena can create more job opportunities for you. You should be prepared for a request for an unconventional summary of your qualifications that may be more widely accepted in other regions of the world.

All of these resume options require introspection, which is one of the main challenges in searching for a new job. Start with one medium, then expand to the others. Not only will you have options available that satisfy requests from potential employers, but you will also have a firm understanding of why you are the best person for the security job you want.