The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has recently installed security cameras at all 472 subway stations in New York City. Thousands of cameras have now been deployed systemwide.

According to the MTA, the initiative to expand security camera coverage was accelerated last year by Interim President of New York City Transit Sarah Feinberg, who identified a new class of cameras that could be deployed more quickly and inexpensively than traditional cameras. As a result, 200 stations of the 472 in the system have gained security camera coverage within the past year.

Security cameras used in the subway system come in two forms: Those that broadcast in real-time to the subway’s security center, and those that record locally and provide material that can be retrieved quickly to be used in the investigation of crimes. Some of the live cameras give New York City Transit the ability to spot suspicious packages and other activities that require a response.

“We at the MTA, together with the NYPD, are driven to deliver a safer and more high-level quality of life experience in the subway system and these cameras are a big part of that,” said MTA Chief Safety Officer Patrick Warren.

The MTA will continue to expand the placement of cameras throughout the system to optimize station coverage.